Instructions for students

School web access

1. Log in to your school’s web access.

  • Ugla at the University of Iceland, Bifröst, University of Akureyri, University of Hólar and the Agricultural University of Iceland.
  • Canvas at Reykjavík University.
  • Inna for high schools.
  • Schools that are not using Ugla, Canvas or Inna have to contact their school’s service desk.

2. Choose „Settings“.

  • „Portal“ on Canvas at Reykjavík University.

3. Give permission.

  • Give Strætó a permit to get confirmation of your studies.

Buy fares at a student discounts

Buy a ticket

Choose „Buy“ at the bottom of the screen, choose „Time period“ and press „Choose ticket“

Update or eID authentication

If you see a button “ Update discounts“ click on it, otherwise go to the next step

Do you have discount entitlements?

Now you can see “ Do you have discount entitlements?“, press the button „Connect“. Maybe you have to scroll down to see the possibility.

eID authentication

To get the discount, you need to authenticate you with eID

Discount entitlements

Now you can see that you are entitled to discount, press the button „Go“


Choose your ticket under „30 day or Season tickets“ by clicking at the plus and press „Select“