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Students get 50% discount on period passes

One year pass: 40.000 kr.

30 day pass: 4.000 kr.New!

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3 fare media

KLAPP card

KLAPP card is a contactless smart card that is used to pay for fares on board Strætó buses in the capital area. Customers place the card on a validator when entering the bus. Customers top up their KLAPP cards through their “My pages access” on klappid.is.


With the KLAPP app, you can use your smartphone to buy single tickets or period cards for Strætó in the capital area. You can download the app on the App Store and Google Play.

What is KLAPP ten?

“KLAPP ten“ is a bus pass with 10 tickets for adults, young people (12-17 years old) or the elderly (67 years and older). This product replaces the old paper bus tickets. The pass has a code that is validated on board the bus. The validator shows you how many trips are left on the pass. You can purchase KLAPP ten from all Strætó vendors in the capital area.

Attention: It is not possible to use the same KLAPP ten ticket to pay fare for more then one person.


What is KLAPP?

KLAPP is a new account based ticketing system that provides access to Strætó buses in the capital area. This type of system is known in public transport around the world, where a card or mobile phone is put up to a scanner when fares are paid in the buses.

Automatic top up

You can sign up for "automatic top up" on My pages. This means that as soon as the balance in your wallet goes below a certain number, it automatically tops up.

My Pages

With access to my pages, you can buy bus tickets or period cards, top up your fare media and keep track of their status. It is necessary to create access to "My pages" in order to purchase fares on disability- or student discounts.


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Students are entitled to a 50% discount on 1 month and 12 months passes. In order to receive the discount, students must follow the following steps.


People on disability

People on disability get 70% discount on adult fares. In order to get the discount you need to follow these steps.